• Enkidu

A tale about Enkidu and his sword Gilgamesh!
Created by Cipher Studios

About The game

Everything you need to know about our game

What is our game about

Enkidu is a top-down arcade game. You carry your huge sword around to defeat your enemies with you charged attack as you do not have enough strength to use it normally.


Action --------------------- Key
Movement --------------- Directional arrows
Charge attack ----------- Space bar
Dash ----------------------- Left control



Some info about our worlds

While Enkidu was running from his usual enemies from the forest a great explosion happens, when he tries to hide from his enemies he finds something strange, a sword, a bit different from others he saw on life. Soon enough the sword, telepaticaly, reveals itself as Gilgamesh, an entity that represents justice in some part of galaxy. Gilgamesh tells Enkidu about it's enemies and how they are chasing it, then asks for help to finally defeat them all and bring peace to the galaxy.
After defeating all enemies in the forest, Gilgamesh takes Enkidu to the Kur planet where all his problems started. A hot, narrow planet full of enemies shows itself to be more cruel than Gilmamesh could remember, now with their enemies also united survival is increasingly difficult.
Arriving on a new planet after an arduous battle in Kur, Gilgamesh introduces Enkidu to the beautiful planet of Nippur, even though almost all desert the planet has its own beauty, they would use the place to rest a little, however the planet had already been invaded by its enemies. Now on a bad planet for battles the two need to overcome to defeat the enemies.
After the difficult battle in Nippur and have survived for a little while, Gilgamesh reveals to Enkidu the planet in which the enemies inhabit, knowing that the only way to end all problems at once is cutting the bad by the root Enkidu speaks that they need to go to Uruk to do away with this once and for all, even the planet being built to facilitate battle of the enemy, Enkdiu and Gilgamesh leave to put an end to their enemies.


Enjoy this amazing soundtrack composed exclusively for this game by our mythic bard